About us

In Russia RusSurvey® is the largest provider of efficient claims management solutions in the field of risk survey and loss adjustment.

    Our main lines of business include:
  • Loss assessment and adjustment, settlement assessment for loss occurrences;
  • Pre-loss survey for various sites;
  • Value appraisal of all types of assets for various purposes;
  • Highly specialised expertise;
  • Auditor services;
  • Legal consulting and many others.

RusSurvey® specialists participate in loss assessment and adjustment for all general types of insurance (other than life insurance). The events investigated by our specialists include fires, explosions, man-caused accidents, disasters at industrial, retail, office and other infrastructure facilities located in the territory of the Russian Federation, former Soviet Union republics, neighbouring countries and beyond.

In addition to direct property damage assessments, we also assess and adjust business interruption, third party and employer’s liability losses, as well as carry out market value appraisals for all types of assets.

A considerable component of our work is prompt handling of cargo and carriers' liability insurance claims and losses.

RusSurvey® specialists have many years of experience in ensuring fire and industrial safety, and conducting surveys and risk audits for various types of enterprises. Our risk engineers are certified by the Central Attestation Commission of the Federal Service for Environmental, Engineering and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

RusSurvey® develops and maintains customized claims (losses) handling programmes for non-marine damage and marine insurance.

New areas being developed by RusSurvey® are film production insurance claims handling, directors' and officers' liability insurance loss assessment, and aviation loss adjustment.

We are proud to count among our clients more than forty international and Russian insurance and reinsurance companies, all largest international and Russian insurance brokers. RusSurvey® actively provides services to foreign trade operators. In addition, we receive, on a regular basis, applications from western adjuster and surveyor companies to perform works within the territory of the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries.