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Lloyd Warwick International

Within the territory of Russia RusSurvey® is the exclusive partner of Lloyd Warwick International. 

Lloyd Warwick International - is a global loss adjusting and insurance consultancy company with hub offices which are located in the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa and multiple affiliated offices worldwide via our corporate partners. The head LWI office is located in the heart of the insurance district in the City of London. LWI is affiliated to the largest network of loss adjusting offices with 144 locations worldwide which allows to provide a unique global reach. 

LWI has brought together a group of prominent loss adjusters who have successfully managed some of the world’s largest claims. The LWI team of professionals have knowledge, skills and experience gained over many years on a diverse range of losses including onshore and offshore energy, mining, marine, ports and terminals, power generation, renewables and special risks. 

The goal is to provide market leading consulting services by experienced teams utilizing state of the art technology and systems. LWI professionals have the knowledge and experience with the life cycle management of damage, operators extra expense, business interruption and liability claims. 

LWI offices are designed to enable the collaborative management of claims with Insurers and Insureds to facilitate the settlement of major losses. LWI technical adjusting staff function as strategic loss managers, offering the security and confidence that every aspect of large claims will be planned, organized, and executed at the highest levels of industry, technical, and regulatory standards. With the ability to utilize the world’s largest independent provider of claims solutions, LWI can react to claims anywhere in the world with the right expertise. 

When a large loss occurs, our local experts provide immediate on-site response. Our liaisons utilize their deep understanding of the local language, policy interpretation, culture, compliance and regulation to handle all aspects of the claim. In addition, our world-wide base of resources gives us the capacity and capabilities to handle concurrent complex losses. 

LWI ensure excellent communication between all parties by being transparent and sharing all information. Additionally, structured reserve presentation, cash flow tracking and interim payment forecasting help improve decision making and ultimately reduce total cost of claims. LWI professionals are sophisticated partners, who have a real-world understanding of how any large loss impacts the business of a corporation. Lloyd Warwick International earn the customer’s confidence through our expertise, innovation, performance and integrity. 

The company is committed to a long term program of continued expansion both through the development of young professionals and the recruitment of experienced loss adjusters with proven track records. 

Lloyd Warwick International aims to provide the following services to the Insurance and Reinsurance Markets to the highest standards:
  • Loss Adjusting
  • Major Claim Management
  • Litigation Support
  • Arbitration & Mediation
To learn more about Lloyd Warwick International, the network of its representative offices and agencies in different countries, please visit