Announcement. “TECHNICAL RISKS: CLAIMS HANDLING” Insurance Conference

On March 20, 2019, the Insurance Conference "TECHNICAL RISKS: CLAIMS HANDLING” will be held in Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, Moscow, Russia. 
The event is organized by the Union of Insurance Experts and Adjusters  

The program of the conference includes 2 sessions, where representatives of Russian and foreign insurance and reinsurance companies, international brokers and UIEA members are planned to take the floor. 

During the conference and coffee breaks the guests of the event will be able to discuss various issues with the representatives of the RusSurvey® Group: 

- Pavel Shaptsev, Deputy General Director; 
- Pavel Banykin, Development Director of the Group; 
- Vladimir Sviridov, Deputy General Director, Head of Non-Marine Claims Department; 
- Anastasia Kupriyanova, Deputy Head of Non-Marine Claims Department; 
- Rinat Ramazanov, Deputy General Director, Head of Risk Survey Department; 
- Sergey Nikitin, Executive General Adjuster of Non-Marine Claims Department. 

The detailed program of the Conference and terms of participation can be found on the official website of the Union