Financial and Legal Expertise

RusSurvey® offers financial, auditor and legal support services for the entire process of handling of non-marine and marine losses, or offers consultations on individual aspects of a certain loss case for the parties concerned.

Our recommendations are provided basing on the following principles:

  • Presumption of the Insured’s good faith;
  • Professional scepticism in evidence evaluation;
  • Expert analysis of the contradictions revealed and actual data;
  • The level of our involvement varies depending on the customer’s instructions.

Our experience and proficiency allow us to professionally fulfil various assignments of customers either as part of a loss adjusting team or by ourselves:

  •  Expert review of primary accounting documents and ledgers, with the view of confirming:
    •  the presence of damaged property within the territory of insurance;
    •  the compliance of damaged property with the characteristics of the objects insured;
    •  the Insured’s property interest;
    •  the compliance of the value of damaged property with the amount claimed as indemnity.
  •  Analysis of economic contracts, essential conditions and obligations, with the view of confirming:
    •  counterparties’ legal capacity;
    •  the compliance of the contents of contracts with the actual deals;
    •  liability, taking into consideration the existing limitations and restrictions.
  •  Analysis of the terms and conditions of insurance (reinsurance) policies and recommendations on policy liability for claimed events, including:
    •  legal interpretation of the applicable insurance terms and conditions, extensions and exclusions from coverage;
    •  comments regarding the applicability of international clauses in Russian realities;
    •  identification and tracing of differences between the original and reinsurance policies.
  •  Analysis of the scope of coverage, including:
    •  check of the adequacy of the sums insured and calculation of the underinsurance factor;
    •  check of the possibility to include VAT in the indemnity;
    •  explanations regarding currency legislation and currency clause application;
    •  explanations regarding the procedure of deductible application and limits stipulated;
    •  determination of the scope of coverage.
  •  Indemnity assessment, including:
    •  Property Damage loss assessment;
    •  BI, ALoP / DSU loss assessment
  •  Ensuring the exercise of the right to subrogation and recourse, including:
    •  claims handling activities;
    •  support for the process of exercising the subrogation (recourse) right in court proceedings.
  •  Extra consultations regarding:
    •  accounting methods;
    •  tax legislation;
    •  currency legislation;
    •  customs procedures during goods export and import.