• Arrangement and holding of preliminary negotiations with ship companies to assess the readiness of the companies and ships for the internal SMS audit;
  • Assessment of the efficiency of SMS, performance of voluntary internal audits at the request of interested insurers, P&I clubs, law firms, international survey companies;
  • Assessment of the compliance of documentation with the SMS requirements;
  • Recommendations, improvement plans;
  • Assessment of risks and existing factors affecting SMS;
  • Issuance of a Report on Internal SMS Audit of companies and ships, containing the following data:

— Current security and environmental protection policy

— Information on the responsibilities and authorities of the Company

— Information on the designated person authorized to supervise SMS

— Information on the responsibility and authority of the captain

— Data on resources and staff

— Information on the availability of elaborated management plans

— Information on emergency preparedness

— Data on the presence of Discrepancy Reports, reports on accidents and emergencies

— Information on the technical operation and maintenance of the ship and equipment

— Data on the document management system

— Information on in-house checks, analyses and assessments

— Information on completed certification procedures, periodical surveys

— Information on management operations


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