Domestic Property Loss Appraisal

In 2015 a new area of business involving Domestic Property Loss Appraisals was started at the head office of RusSurvey®.

Work is performed by specialists having extensive experience in loss appraisals and in provision of promptly support for this type of loss.

Our appraisers are acting members of Self-Regulated Organisation of Appraisers / Non-Profit Partnership “Association of Professional Appraisers” (SMAO), Self-Regulated Organisation / Non-Profit Partnership "National Society of Appraisers” (NKSO), Self-Regulated Organisation / Non-Profit Partnership “Expert Board”.

Appraisers’ liability is insured under the Appraiser’s Liability Compulsory Insurance Programme by CJSC Investitsii I Finansy (Investments & Finances) Insurance Company and by IPJSC Ingosstrakh.

Our specialists carry out loss appraisals within the programmes of property damage insurance and third party liability insurance for individuals, as well as at requests submitted by persons.

Property to be appraised is:

  • Residential apartments (including interior finish and utility systems)
  • Private dwelling houses, household outbuildings, bath houses
  • Movable property of individuals (furniture, personal belongings, household appliances and office equipment)
  • Commercial facilities of small area

The loss appraisals and investigations are usually carried out in regard to the following cases:

  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Malicious acts of third parties
  • Natural disasters
  • Glass breakage
  • Mechanical impact, etc.

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Andrey Lyakishev

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Pavel V. Banykin

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