Pre-risk surveys are carried out by RusSurvey® under the instructions of insurers, reinsurers, the insured and insurance brokers. Based on the information obtained by engineers of RusSurvey® in the course of site inspections, interviews with key specialists and analysis of submitted engineering documentation, as well as data from reference, regulatory, scientific and engineering books, mass media, we issue Survey Reports.

This report allows insurers, reinsurers and insurance brokers to assess the quality of risk and to estimate the amount of potential damage, and the insured to obtain an unbiased independent opinion on the state of protection of their property from fires, explosions, machinery breakdowns, malicious acts, climatic perils, the possibility of major losses due to business interruptions, damage to third parties and environment, etc. In addition, the report suggests measures (recommendations) aimed at reduction of the probability of loss occurrences (prevention) and/or minimization of loss from the occurrence.

A professional risk survey is a basis for sound property damage insurance programmes, allows making well-informed decisions on parameters of the coverage system and avoiding both inappropriate over-estimation of insurance expenses and adoption of an insufficiently reliable risk insurance programme. Furthermore, the pre-risk survey is required for reinsurance of large facilities in the international reinsurance markets.

It should be noted that the choice of a surveyor is to be based not only on professional skills of experts, but also on the recognition of the survey company on domestic and international insurance markets.

Site inspections and pre-risk surveys at RusSurvey® are conducted by highly qualified specialists having specialized higher education, long experience in ensuring fire and industrial safety, in surveys and risk audits of enterprises of various types and sizes. All specialists are certified by the Central Attestation Commission of the Federal Service for Environmental, Engineering and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor). The Company’s specialists have been successfully working for many years in different regions of Russia and former USSR countries. The risk survey reports issued by RusSurvey® are recognised by leading international reinsurers, including Munich Re, SCOR, Swiss Re, Hannover Re, etc.

A risk survey report issued by RusSurvey® is a relatively long document, describing:

  • Risks of property damage due to fire and allied perils;
  • The analysis of efficiency and sufficiency of the existing emergency shutdown systems, fire detection and extinguishing systems, security systems and means preventing malicious acts;
  • The analysis of compliance with industrial and fire safety requirements;
  • The estimate of the Maximum Foreseeable Loss (MFL, the maximum anticipated loss that can be perceived on a “worst case” basis with malfunctioning of protective features assumed);
  • The estimate of the Normal Loss Expectancy (NLE, the maximum anticipated loss that can be perceived given the normal functioning of protective features);
  • The estimate of the Maximum Foreseeable Loss due to Machinery Breakdown;
  • If required, the estimate of business interruption losses, assuming the implementation of MFL and NLE scenarios;
  • Measures aimed at prevention of accidents, fires, explosions and mitigation of their negative consequences. The measures are developed on the basis of regulatory requirements in the field of fire and industrial safety in compliance with national and international regulations and standards.

RusSurvey® offers a customized fee policy, and depending on customer needs and budget opportunities, the Report may be issued in extended, standard or brief forms. The forms differ in the scope of submitted materials, depth and completeness of the analysis of potential pre-risks, quantity of analysed emergency scenarios and MFL estimates, and, hence, in the cost of work done.

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