In 2010, the management of the RusSurvey® Group made the decision to start working in a separate area, with a view to providing high-quality prompt claims and loss handling services for cargo and carriers’ liability insurance.

At present RusSurvey®’s Marine, Cargo & Transportation Claims Department comprises eight experts with different specialities such as a first mate (second-in-command), navigation engineer, engineer officers, forensic expert, lawyer, surveyors and a tallyman.

We are always glad and willing to offer high-quality services and tailored rates for all categories of our clients: Cargo Insurers and Reinsurers, Carriers’ and Forwarders’ Liability Insurers, Insurance Brokers, the Insured and Beneficiaries; Cargo Owners; Forwarders and Carriers.

The services provided, wide area of coverage and work experience of our specialists allow our Clients to save money and obtain independent answers to questions of various complexity and specific nature for all types of cargo and transportation (road, railway, air, marine, combined and multimodal cargo transportation). 

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Pavel V. Banykin

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Yuri N. Pitinko

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