In 2010, the management of the RusSurvey® Group made the decision to start working in a separate area, with a view to providing high-quality services aimed at assessing the technical condition of vessels and loss adjustment in case of accidents and loss occurrences.

At present, RusSurvey®’s Marine &Cargo Claims Department comprises experts with different specialities such as a first mate (second-in-command), navigation engineer, engineer officers, professional appraisers and surveyors.

Modern conditions of navigation, the resumed growth of the number of small boats, popularity of water sports and recreational activities put the problem of insurance of marine vessels, sailing and motor yachts, including VIP yachts, point-blank to shipowners.

RusSurvey® are ready to arrange and perform the following types of work (services) for shipowners and insurance companies interested in small boat insurance:

  • Risk surveys of sailing and motor yachts;
  • Market value appraisals of yachts;
  • Appraisals for a pledge, inheritance, gift, etc.
  • Assessments of losses sustained by a shipowner in case of a marine loss occurrence.

We are always glad and willing to offer high-quality services and tailored rates to all categories of our clients: Insurers and Reinsurers, the Insured, Shipowners, Sea Lines and Legal Firms involved both in judicial and extrajudicial claim settlement. 

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