Survey for Special Machinery

Survey & Loss Assessment for Special Machinery
In August 2017, ISES LLC (International Scientific & Engineering Service), being a member of the RusSurvey® Group, has branched out a new exclusive line of business – Special Machinery & Equipment Survey & Loss Assessment.
    High-quality expert services are provided by our staff of technical experts, mechanical engineers, assessors, having specialized education, professional skills and extensive experience in this field.
      Experts of RusSurvey® have matured experience of work with corporate property insurance programmes and CNC insurance for the following types of Russian and foreign special-purpose equipment:
      • Building machinery and excavation equipment (dump trucks, tractors, excavators, concrete mixers, bulldozers, truck cranes, cement carries, mixer machines, concrete pumps, etc.);
      • Road machinery (asphalt pavers, soil pulverisers, road rollers, road graders, etc.);
      • Farm machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, seed planters, mowing machines, hilling plows, sprayers, etc.);
      • Forestry machinery (log harvesters and loaders, log haulers, crawler dozers, forwarders, etc.);
      • Utility machinery (street washers, sweepers, waste collection vehicles, snow ploughs, deicers, tree cutting equipment, etc.);
      • Hoist machinery (elevated work platforms, boom trucks, tail lifts, cranes, forklifts, reach stackers, etc.);
      • Commercial motor vehicles (trucks, tractor units, semi-trailers, truck-mounted material handlers, fuel tank trucks, etc.).
      The range of offered services includes:
      • Pre-insurance risk survey (description of the actual presence, completeness, condition of special machinery, identification of special machinery and comparison of the machinery shown with registration documents);
      • Special machinery value appraisal and issuance of an appraisal report;
      • Survey of damaged special machinery (visit to the incident scene and inspection of damage to special machinery, assessing the nature and extent of damage, issuance of the inspection report and recording of the revealed defects relevant to the event being considered. Detection of service-induced damage. Taking of photographs, collection of supporting documents);
      • Loss assessment and calculations (analysis of parts catalogues and diagrams of damaged units, assemblies and mechanisms, analysis of restoring repair flow charts, restoring repair cost calculation, appraisal of the value of salvage, including scrap metal);
      • Drawing up of advice and informational letters, expert opinions on the amount of inflicted loss for Insurers to make managerial decisions;
      • Check of documents of an owner, the insured, a beneficiary and other companies (work orders, invoices of vehicle service stations and dealer service centres, opinions of independent expert organisations);
      • Drawing up of reviews to check the legitimacy and validity of expert opinions and appraisal reports of outside companies.
      RusSurvey® also offers the following additional services:
      • Investigations and recommendations for decision-making on reparability or feasibility of replacement of the damaged part, unit, assembly in the course of repairs or diagnostics;
      • Investigation into the circumstances and causes of damage;
      • Loss adjusting for especially expensive special machinery (for instance, mining excavators, etc.);
      • Forensic fire investigations (establishment of the point of origin and cause of the fire);
      • Arrangement and appointment of a trace examination;
      • Loss analysis for signs of fraudulent acts.
      Expert opinions are drawn up in compliance with the requirements of:
      • Federal Law “On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation” dated 29.07.1998 No.135-ФЗ;
      • Federal Law “On state forensic expert activities in the Russian Federation” No.73-ФЗ dated 31.05.2001;
      • Federal Law “On Compulsory Insurance of the Civil Liability of Vehicle Owners” No.40-ФЗ dated 25.04.2002.


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