Rail Rolling Stock Expertise Services

Being an exclusive expert in the field of rolling stock expertise, RusSurvey® offers the following services to our customers:

Loss Assessment for Damaged Rail Rolling Stock

  • Loss assessment for damaged rail rolling stock;
  • Issuance of the inspection report, issuance of the expert opinion; 
  • Drawing up of the repair cost calculation;
  • Check of the repair cost calculation (estimate), issuance of the expert opinion;
  • Appraisal of the salvage value of damaged rail rolling stock;
  • Check of the repair cost calculation (estimate).

Check of Rolling Stock Repair Technique

The check of the repair technique for rolling stock is required for:

  • ensuring the safety and reliable operation of rolling stock;
  • saving of financial costs of unscheduled and additional repairs (more frequent than the planned repair interval).

We are glad to offer the following types of checks:

  • Check of the objectivity and necessity of performance of additional operations during the repair of rolling stock and the necessity of replacement of components and assemblies.
  • Check of the completeness of performance of cycle works during scheduled types of repair:          
    • Locomotives
    • Railroad cars
    • Self-propelled rolling stock
    • Railcar motors

Our specialists will professionally:

  • Check the compliance of the submitted repair cost calculation and actual work done;
  • Check the necessity of additional work specified in the cost calculation;
  • Check the completeness of performance of cycle works and their compliance with regulations and standards;
  • Conduct the acceptance procedure for rolling stock after scheduled types of repair with the participation in post-repair rheostatic tests and break-in rides.

Claims Management

Specialists of RusSurvey® will provide consulting services and claims management services for rolling stock owners and manufacturing plants of new rolling stock, as well as for railway equipment repair companies and plants according to the requirements of relevant standards and regulations.

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