The RusSurvey ® offers its clients a wide range of services starting from condition survey to full-cycle loss adjustment (both for aviation hull insurance of aircraft of Russian or foreign manufacture; civil and military aircraft, and for public liability insurance of airport owners and operators and of air traffic control authorities). 

Our specialists offer the following services:

  • Value appraisal and condition survey of aircraft;
  • Analysis of aircraft technical documentation;
  • Investigation of air accidents and incidents;
  • Damage survey of aircraft and their units;
  • Loss assessment;
  • Analysis of restoring repair costs;
  • Third party property damage survey and assessment;
  • Salvage selling services;
  • Loss adjusting;
  • Analysis of the terms and conditions of the Policy and Insurance Rules;
  • Analysis of Insurer’s liability for a loss occurrence;
  • Check of the adequacy of sums insured;
  • Legal research of the aspects of third party liability for damage (subrogation);
  • Environmental damage assessment.

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Anton V. Shipilov

Mob.: +7 925 808 40 14
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Pavel V. Banykin

Mob.: +7 925 080 38 10
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