During surveys we offer our Clients solutions to the following tasks: 

  • Collection of information and provision of the general description of cargo specifics
  • Investigation of circumstances of cargo transportation and the cause of damage
  • Investigation of the nature and extent of damage
  • Loss assessment.

Damaged cargo survey

  • Inspection of the quantity and quality of cargo
  • Assessment of the nature, extent of damage and the amount of loss
  • Investigation of liability of each of the parties involved in transportation 
  • Elaboration and implementation of loss minimization and cargo salvage recommendations
  • Arrangement of selling of salvage and discounted cargo/goods (radioelectronics, food products, construction materials, plumbing equipment, motor transport, etc.)
  • Inspection of the destruction / disposal of damaged or spoilt cargo.

Fruit and Vegetables Survey

  • Inspection of the quantity and condition of the fruit and vegetables delivered to the Consignee (survey of homogenous or mixed cargo)
  • Organoleptic testing of the condition of delivered fruit and berries (measurement of fruit pulp temperature, fruit hardness by a penetrometer, sugar content by a refractometer, etc.)
  • Assessment of the ripeness level of fruit and berries (according to the hardness and colour scale)
  • Establishment of the cause of fruit and berry damage (establishment of the types of fruit diseases related to fruit growing; discovery of the specifics of harvest gathering and packaging; assessment of the extent of freezing of fruit and berries, including bananas, grapes, etc.)
  • Collection and analysis of temperature readings during fruit transportation (collection of temperature printouts from semi-trailers’ refrigeration systems; analysis of readings of autonomous temperature sensors (tracksticks); obtaining of opinions of the service providers maintaining refrigeration systems)
  • Loss assessment (assessment of the percentage of defective goods and of the quality category of delivered fruit)

Pre-Shipment Inspections 

  • Pre-shipment inspection and readiness check of cargo for transportation, analysis of possible damage
  • Inspection (serviceability and performance check) of containers, railway carriages and road trains both in the loading or unloading location, or in a specialised service centre
  • Development of load securing schemes and calculations for vehicles and containers based on European standards, common practice and our previous experience
  • Quality control of products and goods (cargo), check of their conformity with process, physical and chemical properties, as well as standards and contract specifications – taking of samples, hand-over of samples to specialised laboratories and provision of relevant opinions

Loading Inspections

  • Inspections during cargo loading into road vehicles, vessels and containers in the territory of Russia, China, Kazakhstan, the USA and European countries (recording of the cargo condition during all stages of loading)
  • Arrangement of laboratory tests to check cargo for compliance with quality and safety standards
  • Expert assessment of the correctness and sufficiency of cargo securing during road, sea railway and air transportation. Provision of recommendations.

Cargo Quantification

  • Counting of cargo (before loading / during loading / reloading / unloading / upon unloading)
  • Cargo / individual package weight control
  • Draft survey (calculation of the weight of cargo by vessel’s displacement)
  • Cargo tally

Ascertainment of the Quality of Delivered Cargo

  • Express control of the quality during loading / reloading / unloading
  • Inspection of the delivered consignment of cargo at a warehouse
  • Arrangement of laboratory tests to check cargo for compliance with quality and safety standards


    The purpose of loss adjusting is to provide our Clients with comprehensive loss adjustment services:

  • Collection of information and provision of the general description of cargo specifics; 
  • Investigation of circumstances of cargo transportation and the cause of damage; 
  • Investigation of the nature and extent of damage; 
  • Loss assessment;
  • In-depth and comprehensive analysis of principal insurance terms and conditions;
  • Provision of comprehensive recommendations regarding principal insurance terms and conditions (perils insured against, coverage conditions), ascertainment of Insurer’s liability under the policy, recommendations on the applicability of the Insurer’s subrogation right.

Expert Investigations

  • Expert investigations and issuance of Expert Investigation Reports based on the documents submitted and case materials
  • Investigation of the specific features of cargo packaging, stowage and securing in a loading space. Provision of recommendations


  • Special investigations of losses resulting from cargo theft or loss
  • Investigation of losses occurred in the course of high-value cargo (cash) collection
  • Arrangement of sampling, laboratory testing and investigations in dedicated laboratories;
  • Legal consulting regarding actions of Consignors and Consignees, Forwarders and Carriers in case of the discovery of cargo damage or shortage;
  • On-line tracking of cargo relocation
  • Taking, interpretation and analysis of thermograms of vehicles, containers, as well as autonomous temperature sensors (tracksticks)
  • Analysis of speed charts
  • Analysis of the correctness of filling-in of shipping documentation
  • Drawing up and mailing of notices, complaints, enquiries
  • Analysis of average market prices of fruit and vegetables for a certain period or date
  • Analysis of sale and disposal results to check claimed amounts for adequacy
  • Holding of training workshops concerning cargo securing.

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