We conduct loss adjusting investigations and handle losses arising during:

Business Interruption Insurance;

Advance Loss of Profit / Delay in Start-Up Insurance 

for all types of coverage, including:

  • loss of gross profit or loss of gross earnings or loss of revenue or loss of net profit;
  • increased cost of working (ICW) and/or loss of market

against all insured perils, including:

  • property damage to the Insured’s covered property,
  • property damage to the Customer’s or Supplier’s property (Contingent Business Interruption),
  • property damage at another insured location (Interdependency)
  • access restriction.

The presence in the loss adjusting team of own dedicated specialists (engineers specializing in different spheres, construction experts and quantity surveyors, assessors, auditors, commodity experts, lawyers, etc.) allows us to professionally solve systems of tasks:

Collection of necessary information and documents, including:

  • inspection of the site of loss and analysis of the features of production processes / business activities of the Insured;
  • drawing up of requests for supporting documents, taking into consideration the specific features of the Insured’s business;
  • negotiations with the parties concerned and approval of the list and forms of documents used in the Insured’s management accounting and required for a proper loss investigation and adjusting.

Loss and indemnity assessment, including:

  • assessment of the amount of loss in compliance with the insurance terms and conditions and generally accepted international practices, principles and approaches;
  • check of the efficiency of the actions taken and economic feasibility of the costs incurred to maintain business activities;
  • check of the adequacy of sums insured;
  • assessment of the indemnity, taking into account the underinsurance revealed, limits of liability and other particularities of the policies (currency clause, applicability of deductibles, etc.);
  • explanation of assessment principles to the Insured and getting approval of the adjustment results.

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