The RusSurvey® Group carries pre-risk surveys of construction and installation sites.

CAR/EAR insurance is one of the most complex types of insurance, requiring from underwriters a high level of expertise in construction techniques and ensuring industrial and fire safety. In such a situation significant assistance in risk assessment can be provided by a qualified risk engineer (surveyor). Construction site inspections and risk surveys are conducted by our highly skilled specialists having many years' experience in ensuring fire and industrial safety, in surveys and risk audits at different stage of construction and installation operations at enterprises of various types. Such risk surveys are carried out by RusSurvey® according to international standards (in particular, to the requirements of London Engineering Group Survey Protocols), taking into account the specifics of construction processes in the former Soviet Union.

Risk surveys of construction and installation sites may be efficient at all stages of implementation of the project:

  • At the initial stage (construction documents phase or during the “zero” cycle (preparatory work), when the surveyor determines key parameters of the site and the most probable and hazardous events, the maximum foreseeable loss is estimated;
  • At the construction stage, when, in addition to the above, the current stage of completeness and the technical condition of the site are assessed, the efficiency of already commissioned protective features is determined, and the analysis of compliance with regulatory requirements is made.

During pre-risk surveys the following tasks are accomplished:

  • Inspection of the construction site, including the main and auxiliary buildings and structures under construction, in particular those potentially dangerous or directly influencing the exposure of the site to risks;
  • Review and analysis of the quality of performance of on-site construction supervision by the construction owner, general contractor or an independent outside contractor;
  • Analysis of industrial and fire safety arrangements at the construction site.

A standard construction risk survey report usually consists of the following sections:

1. Preface

2. Summary and Conclusions

3. Loss History

4. Insured Values and Estimated Maximum Loss

5. Process Site Description

5.1 Location

5.2. Climate and Hydrogeological Conditions

5.3. Process Site Layout

6. Construction Description.

6.1 Project Description

6.2 Structural and Space-Planning Solutions

6.3 Principal Operations

6.4 Industrial Safety

6.5 Utilities and Heating Systems

6.6 Explosive Loading

6.7 Arrangement of Construction & Installation Operations

6.8 Work Progress

7. Safety Measures.

7.1 Construction Supervision Arrangements

7.2 Fire Safety

7.3 Security

8. Exposure to Risks

9. Risk Mitigation Recommendations

10. Appendices

11. Photographs

The RusSurvey® Group offers a customized fee policy, and depending on customer needs and budget opportunities, the Report may be issued in extended, standard or brief forms. The forms differ in the scope of submitted materials, depth and completeness of the analysis of potential pre-risks, quantity of analysed emergency scenarios and MFL estimates, and, hence, in the cost of work done.

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