The RusSurvey® Group carries out risk surveys of livestock farming and plant growing facilities. The reports issued by our specialists contain the following data:

  • Information on the actual condition of farms:
    • Livestock keeping conditions;
    • Epizootic situation;
    • Data on livestock losses;
  •  Information on the actual condition of growing crops:
    • Crop development stage;
    • Seed depth;
    • Quantity of productive stems and density of planting;
    • Extent of compliance with agricultural practices;
    • Crop yield;
    • Level of weed infestation;
    • Presence of diseases and pests.
  •  Information on the applied management principles regarding loss prevention and mitigation;
  •  Assessment of the exposure to insurable risks;
  •  Estimated Maximum Losses;
  •  Recommendations on the prevention of hazardous events and mitigation of their consequences.

The RusSurvey® Group offers a customized fee policy, and depending on customer needs and budget opportunities, the Report may be issued in extended, standard or brief forms. The forms differ in the scope of submitted materials, depth and completeness of the analysis of potential pre-risks, quantity of analysed emergency scenarios and MFL estimates, and, hence, in the cost 

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