The RusSurvey® Group carries out site inspections and risk surveys of industrial enterprises operating in various industries (oil and gas producers, petrochemical, oil & gas processing, metal-working and smelting companies, coke and by-product processes, mining and processing sites, energy facilities, etc.).

Site inspections and risk surveys are conducted by our highly skilled specialists having many years' experience in ensuring fire and industrial safety, in surveys and risk audits of enterprises of various types, including those mentioned above. The Company’s risk engineers are certified by the Central Attestation Commission of the Federal Service for Environmental, Engineering and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

During a site inspection a risk engineer inspects the entire process site of a company, including process lines, plants and equipment, control and operator rooms, power and storage facilities, storage areas for explosive substances and materials, engineering facilities, fire extinguishing and emergency shutdown systems, etc. We identify areas potentially susceptible to gas- and vapour-air mixture fires and explosions, as well as to other accidents. We assess the technical condition of the buildings, structures and process equipment, timeliness of technical diagnostics, scheduled preventive repairs and inspections. During the inspection special attention should be paid to the emergency prevention, containment and mitigation systems existing at the site. We assess the operability, efficiency and sufficiency of the existing systems, as well as the timeliness of maintenance of these systems.

The information obtained as a result of the risk survey allows Insurer to determine to what extent the enterprise to be insured is protected from possible perils; how high is the probability of occurrence of a particular insured loss; what is the probability that the accident can be contained, is it possible to reach disaster proportions. In the course of the survey we also discuss and analyse a wide range of issues related to natural and climatic risks: snow and wind loads, seismic activity of the site area, perils of potential karst-suffosion processes, as well as assess the hydrogeological situation, etc.

The recommendations developed on the basis of the pre-risk survey are aimed at reducing the probability of a loss event or minimization of the loss resulting from it. All recommendations are divided by their priority depending on the required expenses and degree of impact on safe operation of the site.

Our report usually consists of the following sections and subsections:

1. Preface

2. Summary and Conclusions

3. Loss History

4. Insured Values and Estimated Maximum Loss

5. Process Site Description

5.1 Location

5.2. Climate and Hydrogeological Conditions

5.3. Process Site Layout

6. Description of Operations

6.1 Structural and Space-Planning Solutions. Building Construction and Condition

6.2 Principal Operations

6.3 Utilities and Heating Systems

6.4 Staffing and Shift Systems. Training of Personnel

6.5 Explosive Loading

6.6 Industrial Safety

6.7 Repairs and Maintenance. Inspections

7. Fire Safety, Security

7.1 Emergency Procedures and Plans

7.2 Fire Protection

7.3 Security

8. Exposure to Risks

9. Risk Mitigation Recommendations

10. Appendices

11. Photographs

The RusSurvey® Group offers a customized fee policy, and depending on customer needs and budget opportunities, the Report may be issued in extended, standard or brief forms. The forms differ in the scope of submitted materials, depth and completeness of the analysis of potential pre-risks, quantity of analysed emergency scenarios and MFL estimates, and, hence, in the cost of work done.

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